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The Bridge Where Mental Health & Spirituality Meet

The feeling of disconnection is all too common in our society.  This disconnect from self and others is the cause of many mental health issues and the lack of enjoyment in life. At Deep Mind Squared, we are committed to bridging the gap between mental wellness and spirituality so you can experience a sense of connection to your truth and your power.


What if a breakdown is actually a breakthrough?

It is in the darkness that we can find the light.


Curious to see what else is possible in your life? Book a session and let's find out together!

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Lived Experience

Conventional mental health supports often lack the touch of lived experience, leaving clients feeling disconnected from their service provider. The unique approach of Deep Mind Squared includes one of lived experience, which we feel supports integrative healing.  

Fola, the co-creator of Deep Mind Squared, has both lived and professional experience, which provides her with a distinct way of holding space for others as they go through their recovery journey.

You can find out more information about Fola here:


About Us

At Deep Mind Squared, we understand that many people experience challenges in seeking holistic supports for their mental wellness. It is our intention to provide spiritual, cultural and traditional healing approaches as an adjunct to conventional mental health supports.  

Through a person-focused lens, we provide integrative approaches to achieve mental wellness and wholeness.  Drawing upon the power of ancestral healing, we hope to support you on your recovery journey. 

See our service offerings below.


Who We Serve

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may be an appropriate fit for our services:

  • feel disconnected or a lack of belonging;

  • experience anxiety, overwhelm, stress, or fear;

  • experience physical and/or emotional dis-ease;

  • experience bizarre/unexplained  experiences; or

  • are ready to create significant change in your life

Still not sure if this is the place for you, we encourage you to contact us so we can further discuss possible treatment options and share about what we do.


Service Offerings

Here's how we can work together

Our sessions entail a mix of coaching and energy work. If you are uncertain which modality you would like to try, we can discuss this at your appointment! You can see a list of our offerings below.

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Plant Medicine Integration Coaching

Using harm-reductionist & compassionate approaches, we work together to support you in making any changes that you feel called to create in your life. This is a collaborative and non-judgmental process, where we work together together to develop goals while tapping into the healing of plant medicines so you can move forward, overcome challenges and make important shifts in from limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions.

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Shamanic Healing

Earth-based Shamanic practices such as drum healing, crystal healing, entity removal, drum journeys, and connecting to nature. Using these earth-based methods, we will work together to support you in integrating deep healing.

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An alternative energy medicine that promotes relaxation and wellness of the mind, body and soul. Reiki, meaning Universal Life Energy, involves the practitioner using a hands-on healing technique to channel this beautiful energy to the recipient.  This technique has been known to support reducing anxiety/stress, low mood, and pain issues.

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Access Bars

A healing modality that involves gentle touch to move energy on 32-points on the head. By running the bars, we move energy so you can experience calming of a restless mind and start living a life of joy and ease.

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Conscious Plant Journeys

Connecting you energetically to the teacher plant medicines to promote conscious development and healing. Integration of the plant journey and the teachings is as important as the journey itself and occurs before and after the journey. Can be held in group sessions.

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Compassionate Depossession

These sessions are if you feel concerned that an energy/entity has attached and may be causing you physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.  Most times people have a sense that they have an attachment.

Also known as psychopomp, this ancestral practice involves energetically removing any suffering beings from a client's field in a compassionate and caring way. 

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Reiki Level I, II, & III Workshops

Interested in furthering your understanding of energy, healing and promote wellness in your life and with others? Then a Reiki class may be in the cards for you!  Starting with Level I, you will receive the Reiki attunements and learn the method behind this Japanese tradition healing art. You will be able to give yourself and others Reiki. Share in this healing gift and consider signing up with a friend!

These workshops are also offered one-on-one so please reach out if you would like to start your Reiki journey.

Ready to explore how we can work together? Send us a message below to book your appointment or give us a call.  During our session together we will be able to use the appropriate modality to support you on your journey. 


Check out our Resources

You will find access to our healing guided meditations as well as inspirational and educational videos!



  • Psychedelic Integration Circle
    Fri, Sept 23
    Sept 23, 7:00 p.m. – Sept 24, 9:30 p.m.
    Edmonton, 11806 126 St NW #202, Edmonton, AB T5L 0V9, Canada
    This safe, trauma-informed space will be used to support each other through a heart-centered approach in discussing altered state experiences.

Contact Us

We are dedicated to supporting others in navigating their mental health and spirituality through the use of shamanic healing, magickal practices and altered states through plant medicine work.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

We currently see folks for sessions in-person and virtually in the Edmonton and Vancouver area (by request - please email us if seeking for in-person Vancouver support).

City & Soul Wellness Collective
#202, 11806 126 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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