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Pathworking The Tree of Life


Master your life by accessing the keys of the Universe through an expansive self-exploration of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Through contemplation and studying this ancient map, you can begin to transmute old energies and create a life of true magick. Over 11 weeks, Fola Veritas will be your guide & teacher as you explore the meaning of each sphere (Sephiroth) on the tree, it's corresponding energies, how to draw upon the energies in your day-to-day life, and a simple guided visualization practice to your inner temple so you can embody the learnings of each sphere. What you get: -11 video teachings * -compassionate and experienced teachings from a fellow curious magickal practitioner and occultist (Fola Veritas) -a digital copy of the 66-page supplemental Pathworking Workbook *Each course is ~1.5 hours It is recommended you study one lesson per week and in the order they are presented to you. After you complete all teachings you can move around the tree as you wish. The price grants you life long access to the class.

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