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Having worked in mental health and addictions for over 13 years, Fola has dedicated herself to promoting wellness through the integration of both traditional spiritual healing methods and modern knowledge.  Her authentic, compassionate and heart-centered approach when working with others supports great shifts in their reality.  She thrives on sharing her knowledge and understanding about the occult, magickal practices and altered states through various one-on-one and group offerings.  She is a creator through and through, using sound, music and vibration to create transformation in others.

Fola has personal experience navigating depression and anxiety, as well as a personal psycho-spiritual crisis (spiritual emergence) in 2015, which created a shift in her approach to mental wellness. Merging this experience with her training as a Psychiatric Nurse, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Emergence Coach, and Psychedelic Integration Therapist, she instills a sense of hope in each person through the power of various spiritual and healing modalities with a touch of intuitive guidance.  

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