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Nurses Rising Retreat

Rejuvenate. Re-Connect. Be Reborn.

Embrace Your Whole Self


Feel like a new you as you release stress, anxiety, overwhelm and step into your fullest version of you.


Open your heart to receive deep healing and transformation in a safe community of other powerful women. 

Be Reborn

Experience a new sense of freedom and empowerment that will guide you as you step out into the world. 

Leaf Pattern Design

Letters from Our Hearts

Recovery is the process that provides a holistic view of people with health challenges that focuses on the person, not just their symptoms. It is less about being recovered, and more about being in recovery. Recovery, healing is a journey of learning and growth. Self Compassion fuels our ability and clears the road to continue moving through this process. I have been there and grateful to have this opportunity to share the knowledge I acquired on my journey.

At Nurses Rising Retreat, in our care together, I want to acknowledge the sacred knowledge each of you hold within yourself, the ability to heal. In my embodied self; honouring all parts of the relationship from a trauma sensitive and lived experience approach; I would be honored to be your guide. From my heart-centered space; I will be there to walk with you with a non-judgmental, curious and intentional presence. Remember, you are not alone on this journey. I can’t wait to meet you.


Katrina Stephenson, RN

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Leaf Pattern Design
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Nearly 20 years ago I was a brand new nurse filled with excitement, inspiration, motivation, ambition, I was eager to take on anything and learn as much as I could. After settling into what I can now see was more of the surface level skill based elements of nursing I began to sink deeper into the real heart of what it is to be a nurse, and that is the people. Early into my career, I experienced burnout, exhaustion, emotional overwhelm, moral injury, vicarious trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicidality. I didn’t know anything about protecting myself or having boundaries and I definitely didn’t feel supported to talk about my struggle.
So I suffered in silence.
I had a choice. I could continue doing this work with the system that limited my individuality and my autonomy and my hearts desire to truly help and heal while continuing to suffer these painful and disabling effects on my health, or I could leave.
Being a victim eliminates choice, and I want to invite you to step into a place of empowerment that says I am in control of what my life looks like. You’re not stuck where you are, you have options.  I won’t pretend and say that making empowered choices is easy, cuz it’s not. It will confront all the reasons and excuses you’ve made for staying stuck. BuT I can tell you with complete certainty that it’s worth it.
This is your life. You are the master creator of it. So what do you want it to look like? Don’t wait to wake up one day when it’s too late and your body has given up on you and your health is so deteriorated that the options are limited. Choose you. Take back your power. You deserve so much more.

My heart to yours,

Sandra Payne, exRN, BN

Dear One, 

I see your struggle. I see you carrying the weight of everyone else. Your family. Your parents. Your community. Those in your care. They need you more than ever it seems, and yet there is a part of you silently screaming for someone to relieve you from this heavy burden.  I was there too.  

I kept giving and giving, never allowing myself to receive. Sometimes guilt flowed through me when others offered to carry the load. Let’s face it, as women we are societally praised to be independent: the strong mom, the brave daughter, the poised partner. There comes a time when the facade no longer serves its purpose. And that time is now.  

You no longer need to pretend to be happy if you’re not. You don’t have to help everyone. And you don’t have to be moving through this crazy world on your own. This is an invitation for you dear one to embrace all of you. To come with your tears, your laughter, your anger and your grief. This work isn’t for the faint of heart, but let’s admit it... you have made it this far, and so I believe you are exactly the woman for the job.  

Join like-minded women this October 2024 as we rise from the ashes of a burning world waiting to be reborn. You are part of this new possibility, and we would love to have you bring your understanding and your magick.    


Fola Veritas, Medicine Women & Psych Nurse


October 2024

This October, join your fellow nurses who are stepping up to face their fears and finally say No to overwhelm, burn out, and feeling lonely.  

We will gather at the relaxing Rising Moon Studio retreat space to gather in heart-centered community and explore the transformative power of

- Somatic Breathwork

- Kundalini Yoga


- Energy Medicine

-Sound Healing

-Nutritious Shared Meals

-Time in Nature

- Women supporting Women

All offerings are facilitated by qualified practitioners with over 45 combined years of experience. 

It is time to rise! No more excuses! You are no victim! Take back the reins on your life and soar high with us!

Join Us

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