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Using harm-reductionist & compassionate approaches, we work together to support you in making any changes that you feel called to create in your life. This is a collaborative and non-judgmental process, where we work together to develop goals. If you are working with psychedelics / plant medicines, we will work together as you tap into the healing of plant medicines to promote wellness, overcome challenges and make important shifts to healthier thoughts and emotions.

(We offer NIHB coverage for First Nation and Inuit peoples)

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Earth-based, shamanic practices such as drum healing, crystal healing, entity removal, drum journeys, and connecting to nature. Using these earth-based methods, we will work together to support you in integrating deep healing.

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An alternative energy medicine that promotes relaxation and wellness of the mind, body and soul. Reiki, meaning Universal Life Energy, involves the practitioner using a hands-on healing technique to channel this beautiful energy to the recipient.  This technique has been known to support reducing anxiety/stress, low mood, and pain issues.

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A healing modality that involves gentle touch to move energy on 32-points on the head. By running the bars, we move energy so you can experience calming of a restless mind and start living a life of joy and ease.

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Connecting you energetically to teacher plants to promote conscious development and healing. Integration of the plant journey and the teachings is as important as the journey itself and occurs before and after the journey.

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These sessions are if you feel concerned that an energy/entity has attached and may be causing you physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.  Most times people have a sense that they have an attachment.

Also known as psychopomp, this ancestral practice involves energetically removing any suffering beings from a client's field in a compassionate and caring way. 

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Interested in furthering your understanding of energy, healing and promote wellness in your life and with others? Then a Reiki class is in the cards for you!  Starting with Level I, you will receive the Reiki attunements and learn the method behind this Japanese tradition healing art. You will be able to give yourself and others Reiki. Share in this healing gift and consider signing up with a friend!

These workshops can also be scheduled for individual sessions to suite your learning needs.

Our ability to bridge conventional wellness with spiritual and traditional approaches puts us at the leading edge of the future of wellness.  There are many ways to work with us. We see clients in-person in both Edmonton and Vancouver (upon request).  We also offer virtual, distance sessions.

Our sessions may contain a mix of therapy, coaching, shamanic (ancestral) healing, and energy work. If you are uncertain which modality you would like to try, we can discuss this at your appointment! You can see a list of our offerings below.

Sessions in Edmonton, Alberta are located at 

#202, 11806 126 Street (City & Soul Wellness Collective)

Send us a message below to book your appointment or give us a call at 780-994-1349


We are dedicated to supporting others in navigating their mental health and spirituality through the use of shamanic healing, magickal practices and altered states through plant medicine work.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or to book an appointment.

We currently see folks for sessions in-person and virtually in the Edmonton area.

City & Soul Wellness Collective
#202, 11806 126 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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