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Summer Solstice Ritual Guide (2024)

Summer Solstice Ritual Guide (2024)

Here is guided ritual for you to use to ring in the Summer Solstice this 2024. 


Occuring on June 20th, 2024, the solstice is a time to connect to the power of the Sun and begin to draw forth its life giving force to pave the path forward for the remainder of the year.  This ritual guide gives you step by step guidance on performing a potent solstice ritual that will call upon the Sun, Divine luminious guides and awaken the wisdom of the symbol of the snake so you can birth that which you feel called to create.


The guide includes:

- summer solstice ritual

- talisman to boost the ritual energy

- step-by-step instructions to complete your personal/group solstice ritual


Price: $15


*This ritual can be completed up to 3 days before or after the solstice*



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