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When Dark Thoughts Take Over

*TRIGGER WARNING* Suicide/Self Harm

Have you ever woken up in the night with intense fears and anxieties? Perhaps you are noticing some more intrusive thoughts lately, even to the point of self harm or wanting to end your life. This is a message for you to know that you are okay. There is some darkness lingering on our planet.

Please read on!

I recently attended a community event where we sent out prayers for the world to heal and step forward in it's power during this dark time on our planet. It was a beautiful ceremony and hearing peoples' shares about their intentions really opened my eyes. I realized that most people are in such fear of this current situation. Whether you find yourself on the anti-vax or pro-vax sides, it seems we are in this dance battle of polarities.

There seems to be this intense energy going on for people right now - and I speak from experience - that is pushing us to our depths and is a very uncomfortable place to be. It has led to some people choosing to leave this world behind and end their life. I have lost some people to this in the past year and half since the pandemic. My heart goes out to those souls who have felt this was the only way to cope with this struggle. I also have great compassion to them as I know that sometimes it does feel like the only way and the pain is so intense that it lingers.

This blog is meant to encourage you and to support you in a reminder that "this too shall pass" and we are being tested beyond anything we have before. Whether this is because of some 1% few in the sky controlling people through injected warfare, or because we are being asked to face our victimized approach to life, all I know is this is a game breaking moment!

And it isn't easy! But it is possible!

If you are finding yourself having these dark thoughts of wanting to end your life, please know this:

1) You are not alone. There are others who are experiencing similar struggles and this is something that makes you stronger. So please be compassionate with yourself and know you are doing the best you can at any given moment.

2) There is support for you out there. Whether it's a trusted family/friend, a health professional or peer support line, please reach out. In Canada a great place to start is the Canada Suicide Prevention Line (365 days a year) at 1.833.456.4566.

3) This is a spiritual battle for you to overcome internal demons and the old stories that no longer serve you. You can choose to go, but unfortunately that does not mean the pain will end. And that is truly what this is all about - wanting to end the pain and suffering. You are a warrior, though it may not feel like it everyday... you found yourself on this page, reading these words...that makes you a warrior fighting for their peace. It is in your grasp! Reach for it!

One day this chaos will be behind us and new challenges will arise. It is part of the cycle of life. Until then, what are you doing to prepare yourself and gain the skills and knowledge to show up as the warrior you are and in your powerful light?

Reach out to us here at Deep Mind Squared if you are interested in diving deeper and healing these wounds.


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