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Gematria: The Power of Letters & Numbers

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Learn about the magickal Qabalistic practice of Gematria - the practice of associating letters with numbers - with this self study recorded lesson. The practice of associating letters with numbers extends to various cultures across time including the Jewish Kabbalists & the Greeks. With Gematria, you can view the world through a universal lens and see the interconnectedness & magick in words and ideas. What you'll learn: - The importance of this magickal practice - An overview of the Hebrew letters, their numerical values, meanings, and Tarot correspondences - Techniques to practice Gematria and begin applying it to awaken synchronicities and magick on your path - Deepen your connection to the Divine This teaching is a ~75 minutes long Zoom recording from our Ouroboros 713 gathering. Please check out the Event's page to attend a live gathering.

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